Spring and port wine critical essay

spring and port wine critical essay

eat something else. This shows that Rafe definitely doesnt want a democratic household and would instead prefer (and has) an autocratic one with himself at the helm. 1727 Words 7 Pages, bill Naughton's Play "Spring and Port Wine". What other members of the family say and imply about him is sometimes worse than what Betsy Jane has to say. Youtube video url: Update feed). My first" is from Florence, the eldest member of the family and the most sympathetic of the children regarding Rafe. Taken with the other"s above, it shows that not only does he require the family to do what he wants not some but all of the time. It was directed by Peter Hammond. We notice this when she says "what right has he to interfere with your. However this was the 1960's and times were moving very fast, television was popular then ever. Please read image rules before posting. My other example is the" Ill make a chartered accountant of you yet to his wife Daisy, which again shows Rafes almost compulsive need for perfection.

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The Sunday Times Digital Archive. It shows us that Rafe seems to want to know everything that goes on in the household, even down to what is spent on food. Another example of Rafe showing his love for another member of the family is this": Somethings been worrying me about our dear Hilda This shows that not only does Rafe have the capacity to notice that something is wrong with his youngest daughter, but. However, he didnt realise that it was hard to wash and when he learned of the trouble Daisy had in washing it, he didnt seem to care. The story is set. This is at odds with the Rafe-haters image of him as the domineering and controlling autocratic head of the family. He has become more relaxed with everybody and he even told Harold to pass the cigarettes around when he lit one. 'Hold on a minute mother (To Hilda) is their something wrong with your herring? We find out that he looks after his family by giving them a show more content, you know how he likes everything to be just so". He even gives her the keys to his bureau and cash box.

spring and port wine critical essay