Essay about importance of english in india

essay about importance of english in india

has to keep abreast with other fast moving nations of the world, in the field of literature, science, space, computers, economics, we can't ignore the importance of learning English. A 10 something uneducated boy was selling peacock feathers at some tourist location. These changes have all been done to the language to modify it for society's needs in this age of technology and communication. In the end, wise senses prevailed and English was kept initially for 15 years as an Associate Official Language for inter-state communications and communications. It is said that Indians are proficient in English and this proficiency in English makes Indian engineers and scientists much sought after by the foreign companies.

But I personally dont hold this view. Developed nation in the present scenario of glob3lization and liberalization we must give due importance to the learning of English language. Confession is then seen at a distance within the House of Salvation. So some Indian nationalists claim that English should be removed from this country when the British rule in India has come to the end.

essay about importance of english in india

Confession, like Good Deeds before him, knows already of Everymans sorrow, but can give him the comfort of a precious jewel called penance. Our school provides a transitional program of instruction (TPI) for those students (Illinois State Board of Education, 2011). North Boone Middle School has an enrollment of 19 or fewer English Language Learners of a single language classification other than English. It helps in daily life too. According to some of our leaders, English was a symbol and instrument of colonial exploitation. Formerly the Sanity Academy did not give awards to works in English. She does, though, have a sister who can accompany Everyman Knowledge. English and mostly have it as a medium of instruction.94 In todays world, we have to get knowledge of advanced technologies and all kinds of branches of Science. You can use this content for speech or for paragraph writing practice too. Through this language, India can establish her contacts with the developed nations of the world. You can impress the interviewer with your spoken English skills.

essay about importance of english in india

English is important.
The study of English language in this age of globalization is essen tial.
English language is the most important language of communication.

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