Late for school essay

late for school essay

effort of turning it off. The school tested the differences between the normal school starting time and a new one. Con: A later school start will throw Australian cities into chaos and maybe even cause some parents to face consequences at work. A lot of working days would have to change significantly for people to get to work on time if high school started at 10 am instead. Or perhaps youre an early bird and like the time that school starts in the morning. Remember that you can use any evidence you like in a persuasive essay; it need not be restricted to facts and figures, but can be anecdotal, emotive, or statistical. Are you one of those teenagers?

Minutes or hours later you jolt up from bed realizing that the alarm has already did its job but its too late for you. During that time, it doesn't get dark until about six. What is the use of trying to teach kids that can't learn? Silenced alarms and wrong calendars for some strange reasons, we set the alarm before we went to bed. Sending kids to school before they have had ample time to wake up will only result in them not learning to their full potential. With school starting at 7:44, the first two periods seem like a waste. If the students were in better moods then they would be more likely to work in class, ask questions if they need help, and pay attention.

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Before they tested the time change they had the kids take a survey test. Forgetting breakfast can be horrible. Without breakfast you feel tired and drained all day. 78 percent said they have to skip breakfast in the mornings just to be ready for school. Eating breakfast sets the tone of your day and in studies, have shown that kids who eat breakfast achieve more in school. Their starting times were changed from 7:15 to 8:40. Average school starting times in the United States are seven oclock through eight-thirty.m. Have a look at potential titles, too, which should be reflective of your thesis statement. I think school should start later in the day because it would be beneficial to all students by increasing safety and academic performances. We can eliminate this thought by changing the school start time. Little kids can wake up bright and early and thats when they are ready to learn because they are all energized and ready to go but once you advance into the higher grades it gets harder and harder to get our brains working in the. But does this give teens enough time to wake up and stay awake?

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late for school essay

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