Teenage pregnancy and education essay

teenage pregnancy and education essay

programs should be completely replaced by comprehensive sex education programs that discuss sex more in depth for students. Increasing the number of comprehensive sex education courses would help young people learn how to better protect themselves against premature pregnancy and STDs, and in turn curtail the number of teenage pregnancies. Rather than a discussion of readiness to have sex, the focus should be on a readiness for learning about teenage sexuality and pregnancy. Adolescents at the puberty year have the profound change in psychology, likes to explore, to discover about sex and sexuality. First of all, in comprehensive sex education programs,.6 percent of the curriculum focuses on HIV/STD awareness; yet, in abstinence based programs, only.7 percent of the curriculum focuses on HIV/STD awareness. Journal of Adolescent Health, 42(4 344-351). Indeed, there are many benefits to teaching comprehensive sex education classes that educate adolescents on contraception, sexuality, and how to further educate themselves on the subject of sex. In fact, it has been discovered that adolescents are 40 percent more likely to delay having sex with comprehensive sex education.

Anthropology education quarterly, 37(4 328-346. Additionally, there is a surplus of both satire and genuine speech in society today of teenagers being told that they should not have sex because they will get pregnant and that pregnancy will ruin their life. From the collected information, most of the countries had the consent age 16 years old. The debate is between having an abstinence based sex education, where it the primary subject discussed is abstaining from having sexual relations until marriage, or having more comprehensive sex education programs. As there is no vow of purity, having sex is not really rebelling against anything; therefore, teenagers who have received a comprehensive sex education are much less likely to use having sex as an act of rebellion, because they are taught that sex is acceptable. These questions can be detrimental to the sexual health of the teenager as a lot of the focus is on when the teenager is ready not on if the teenager should be engaging in sexual activity. Adolescent pregnancy occurs in all socialites, but the rate of teen pregnancy varies from country to country. As a result of that, it has been proven that students who are in those comprehensive sex education classes are significantly less likely to get pregnant as an adolescent. 1794 Words 8 Pages, adolescent pregnancy is a crisis that inadvertently affects all. However, despite the fact that there is much in favor of comprehensive sex education, many believe that abstinence only sex education is still the best route. Quick Academic Help, sex Education in Schools, sex education in schools is a highly debated subject today, and has always been one. . For example, Philippines (61 out of 1000 Argentina (64 out of 1000 Niger (117 out of 1000 Madagascar (204 out of 1000)These countries had low ranked economy, Table.