Thesis sidebar troubleshooting

thesis sidebar troubleshooting

under ecommerce if youoh, its Lesson 13: Control Which Widgets Display on Which Pages. Rick: Okay so it shows up okay in IE10. Member: Without the. Solved, when I attempt to add a text box to the sidebar widget, it disappears. If you look at my widgets panel, and Im using a different plugin for the purpose, but the ideas still going to be the same.

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In the process of finding the problem we show how to look at the source code in the different browsers. Member: This site looks good in Firefox and Chrome but when I look at it in Safari in Opera and Internet Explorer, the sidebar is missing. Do you view them as ads? The site has various sections, but the one that is of interest here is one called Places. Any ideas on what's going on?, denzel Chia answers: Hi, I can login your blog to take a look, if you can raise your price. So its definitely missing here. I develop on a Mac and I didnt check it in Chrome on my pc but in Chrome on my Mac, a widget shows in that sidebar.

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