As i lay dying thesis statement

as i lay dying thesis statement

the verb tense. Darl and Vardaman have a strange conversation about their mother (see below, Analysis). The women sing, and Whitfield performs the rites for Addie. Cora's faith makes her a great help at times, but she is also judgmental, self-deceiving, and often misinterprets situations out of a zealousness to force all events into a Christian framework of understanding.

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Anse says that this act is disrespectful, but Darl defends Cash. He too believes in God, a God who directs all things, but he seems to derive little confort. It is not about the concrete details of the novel, but the impression that they have made. The reader is mercilessly taken out of the real world and thrown into some terrible place that makes the human perception of hell fade out. They finish and carry. His feelings are intense and sincere, expressed mostly as bursts of defiance and anger and disgust. This letter's written to no one. With a stopover "in town" imminent, the themes of poverty and rural. He can't seem to understand the idea of death, and in his thoughts he confuses Addie's corpse with the dead fish. He is telling Jewel that it is not his horse that's dead. Stand fast and press on, triumph awaits, aS WE face distress WE must not lose heart.

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